Chances are that if you’ve made your way to this article, you’ve already made the decision to go vegetarian (or vegan) in all areas of you life, not just food. You’ve probably realized that our early days of civilization, where we had no choice but to gather whatever natural resources we could find to feed and clothe ourselves, are long gone. You’re probably aware that we now have the ability to produce everything we need for ourselves from plant and synthetic materials. But in case you’re on the fence and deciding whether your ready to take the full plunge and go veg from head to toe, let’s run through all the reasons why choosing vegetarian shoes is a fantastic move.

Clear conscience

Rather than wearing the skin of a dead (often poorly treated and painfully killed) animal, why not wear shoes that look just as good if not better, and come completely by way of plant and synthetic materials? Sure, some animals might be killed humanely at the end of a well cared for life, but how often is that true, and how can you really know for sure? You’ll feel better with a clear conscience knowing only plants and synthetics have gone into the construction of your shoes. The cow, snake, sheep or other animal will feel better wearing its own skin instead of giving it up for someone else to wear. And you can say goodbye to that niggling voice in the back of your mind that reminds you where the shoe came from, and just enjoy all the flattery and compliments about how great you look in those awesome boots.

Lose nothing, look as good or better than ever

If you’re into designer shoes, you’ll still get access to the hottest new looks on the market. With high end designers bringing their creations into the field, you miss out on nothing by choosing all cruelty free shoes.

Be cleaner, smell better

Many leather free shoes are made of materials that don’t soak up moisture and allow bacteria to fester and multiply (like leather does), causing that all too familiar foot stench we all know and loathe. Brands such as crocs [] can be worn all day, every day, in what would usually be the smelliest of weather, and no-one will catch a whiff of any stinky feet from you.

You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain by choosing animal friendly, ethical, leather free vegetarian shoes. So get out there and enjoy some cruelty free shoes!