When most of us think about Roman clothing costumes, we assume you simply throw a sheet and a pair of sandals on and call it a day. But, it’s not always that simple – there’s armor, styles, accessories and even hairstyles to consider. For a list of some of the best places to find quality Roman costumes and reenactment gear, keep reading.

BuyCostumes Online

BuyCostumes.com is one of the Internet’s largest retailers of costumes. They carry everything from cheap accessories and wardrobe starting at $20 to reenactment quality gladiator outfits and Roman Princess robes ($100-$200). Simply visit their website and search for “Roman.”

On the site, you’ll also be able to locate key accessories such as jewelry pieces, armor, weapons, shoes and other odds and ends essential to completing your Roman clothing costume.

By The Sword (Replica weapons)

If what you really seek is authentic Roman armor or beautiful replicas of Roman weaponry, By The Sword is an excellent source. This small retailer not only sells high-quality replicas, they can also source custom-made pieces based on your exact requirements. Custom orders can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months before delivery.

This metal manufacturer also sells a range of replica Roman jewelry, such as coin necklaces, bracelets, crowns, anklets and more.

The UK Replica Warehouse (UK)

Replica Warehouse is a UK-based company that specializes in clothing, costumes, accessories and household items for the reenactment enthusiast. The majority of their replica costumes focus on the Victorian era, but they also sell a wide range of realistic Roman costumes.

Their full inventory isn’t listed on their website, but you can contact them by phone at 01477 534075, and they will send you pictures of available and pertinent Roman inventory.

Roman Costume and Clothing Tips

Get Your Eras Correct

The Romans were in power for close to a thousand years – first, the Roman Republic and then the Roman Empire. One thousand years is a long time, and during that period, fashions changed and styles differed, so elements of your costume could be outdated. Before you put together your wardrobe, make sure you’re not sporting the hairstyle of a 4th century AD noblewoman with the tunic and dress of a 100 BC peasant woman.

Get Beyond the Toga

Again, dressing up in Roman clothing is about more than throwing a sheet over your body. Yes, the Romans wore togas, but only citizens of Rome were allowed to wear one – and when they wore it, they would often include a tunic underneath. So, remember to be historically accurate and get your costume choices correct.