Bali has been known for its pristine beaches and picturesque scenery that it became one of world’s renowned tourist destinations in Asia. And because of this reputation, Bali has been considered a place where there is elegance and beauty. Hence, the birth of Bali beads.

True beads from Bali are made of 92.5{141cc886f80ebf9609da4231ed549f5027e21bed13f47caa6e90ee5afcddb39d} sterling silver that has been oxidized to have it emerge as striking and one of a kind silver jewelry piece. The dots and swirls are meticulously handcrafted by Balinese artists who are experts in their craft.

Dating back the 14th century, the Balinese have regarded all art forms as a sign of praise and worship towards their gods. And it pleases them more to make gorgeous handcrafted bead jewelry with elegance and style to show their salutation for the gods.

The Balinese people are deeply rooted in their religion; they are dedicated and faithful to their belief. And so is their dedication for hard work and craftsmanship. Bali beads are intricately designed by bare hands alone and you can easily distinguish its appearance upon seeing the finish product, making you appreciate the handcrafted beads design more.

Bali Beads Production

Are there any imitations? Yes, like most custom products. They can come from Turkey, India, or Thailand. But nothing beats the originality and unique features of the authentic beads. They are beautifully handcrafted from start to finish, from melting the silver sheets to polishing the finished product, these beads are a charm to behold.

True and authentic Bali beads can be determined by how the pieces are attached and each piece is done separately that makes it more genuine. Beads of Bali has a facility in Celuk, Bali which happens to be the silver center of the city. They offer true and genuine beads and all of the kinds of beads also.

Genuine Beads Of Bali

You can learn how to identify Bali beads by just looking at them. Often, the authentic bead’s counterpart may bleed or smear a yellowish or reddish tarnish through the use of ink instead of the normal oxidation process. It must also weigh equally right, not too light nor heavy; anything in excess or lacking may mean that it’s not genuine.

It is imperative to each artisan to be very particular on these details for you are using the name “Bali beads”, and therefore it should come from Bali and handcrafted by the Balinese people. Nothing beats that!

How To Make Bali Beads Bracelet

Now that you have all this information, making jewelry with the original beads will be very easy, a little creativity and hard work will make a great jewelry piece. Creative jewelry making use Bali bead elastic ring post in some websites has a thorough and well explained instruction in making that elegant bead and crystal ring combination that will fascinate your customers. Or if you want, you can follow these simple steps to make your own Bali and Swarovski beads bracelet.

First, you must choose the bead shape and size that you want to use and the components that you want to incorporate. Bali beads will go perfectly with any gemstone that will create a more stunning concept. For this project, you can use a sparkling Swarovski crystal to accentuate your set of authentic beads. Next, prepare needed materials like your choice of original beads of Bali, Swarovski crystals, and an elastic string wire.

For a normal length bracelet, you can string at least 6 round hole Bali beads per inch of string, then your Swarovski crystal, another 6 of your Bali beads and Swarovski combination until you can make a whole bracelet that will fit perfectly on your wrist.

Securely tie the ends of the string together tightly but not too taut so it can still breathe and you can avoid breaking the string. After tying the string together, you can use any glue that is used for crafts and jewelry making to fasten and secure the tie.

So now, you can have an authentic and elegant Bali beads and Swarovski crystal bracelet to present to your customers or give to your friends. It is pretty easy, right? So why don’t you create your own version of this beaded bracelet today?

At the end of each day, it is a joy for any jewelry aficionados to turn to their jewelry collection with beaming pride, knowing that they have indisputable and real Bali beads jewelry on their hands. A real artist on their own kind appreciates individuality and distinctiveness, it is but a pride in their hearts to own such genuine products like Bali beads, coming from an exceptionally hardworking and fine-looking people of Bali.