Although you might just think that wholesale buttons are just used for fixing up old, broken clothes that is definitely not at the case. As well as fixing up old things, wholesale buttons can be used to create brilliant new designs. In fact, fashionists all over the world use buttons as part of their fabulous fashion designs, in order to create brilliant visual effects. if you are into fashion design you may want to try incorporating some buttons into your next big project.

Starting with the basics – Changing buttons

Fashion used to have set rules, but now the only rule is that there are no real rules! One of the simplest design ideas for budding fashion designers is to simply change the buttons on an existing piece of clothing, in order to completely change the look of the piece. If you have bought an item of clothing from a shop it is likely that the buttons which are already on the item have been included because they are a good match for the design. However, you can change the focus and the intention of the design by choosing to supplant them with different buttons that do not match. Choosing a clashing colour will make a startling design that draws the eye. Try a few different designs and you will quickly find out what works and what doesn’t. This will allow you to chance a classical item of clothing into something much more modern.

Superfluous buttons – Creating amazing designs

If you want to get more adventurous with your ideas, you can use superfluous with buttons to create a picture or design on a plain t-shirt. One of the simplest designs that you can try out is to create a face with buttons for eyes. This will look fun but also unusual. Depending on the artistic style of the face that you draw, you can also create slightly ethereal or Gothic looking designs.

Other designs that you try can be made up solely of buttons. Because there are hundreds of thousands of different button designs available, there are an infinite number of combinations that you can try to create. Use different sizes of buttons and different shapes of buttons to create amazing patterns. For example, you could do a design involving concentric circles, using decreasing are increasing size is of buttons. Designs can be either a picture, or a stunning pattern. When making designs like these, experimentation is often the key.

Using buttons as accessories

All good clothing designs need accessories to offset their pieces. To make your pieces really stand out on the runway, complement them with button bracelets and necklaces and earrings. Jewellery that is made out of wholesale buttons is incredibly easy to make and will look as fun and funky as your clothing designs. Either design these pieces for yourself, or commission a talented jewellery maker to help to make them for you. This will only work if you have used a limited amount in your design, or else it may be overkill.