Wholesale websites are designed so that it meets specific business requirements of the clients. The wholesale packages for all the products are usually fair and friendly. High product quality is guaranteed from the most authentic sources from all over India. After getting registered on these websites, the client gets to choose from the following buying options

– Custom/Made to Order in Bulk

– Large Assorted Lot or Bulk Order

– Samples Order

If one is visiting a wholesale website for the first time it is better to order a Samples order first. This package is usually specifically designed as a test market package for people who are dealing with wholesalers for the first time. It consists of approximately minimum units of each product(s) that the client chooses. This package is not as big as the Bulk order and brings down the loss margin, if any.

The various ordering modes are explained in detail below:

Made to Order

Any wholesaler Website has its own in-house designers, craftsmen and manufacturing facility and thus creating any item in any combination of fabric, color, cut and embroidery is possible given the time availability. Time to execute the order depends on the nature of the product required but average lead-time will be constant. According to most websites, the most economical buying option with average cost per unit the lowest. Order requirements can be sent by online purchase orders, e-mail or fax at anytime. Always the modes of payments are Multiple and the websites offer several options including online payment, pay pal transfer, money transfer etc. Depending on quantity, product and shipping mode selected shipment within 30 – 45 days on confirmation of payment.

Large Assorted lot or Bulk Orders

An order qualifies as a large assorted lot or bulk order if the total order value is $1200 or more. This order is not custom made and selection is made from the assortment existing in our inventory.

It is always advised that the customer gets acquainted with various aspects of doing business with the wholesaler websites including product quality, shipping and transit times, customer service and packaging etc.