Having a great hairstyle is essential when you go to such a special occasion, like a Prom or Homecoming.

It’s worth practicing with your hair weeks before the actual day, this way you can be sure how long it will take you and whether it will be easy to do.

The simplest updos are usually the best looking and most elegant. When it comes to your hair less is definitely more. To start with when you put your hair up go for one solid look, do not try and mix and match.

Whether you opt for a more formal updo, or for creating masses of curls, check out your hairstyle with your outfit in plenty of time. If you’re not used to putting your hair up, you could suddenly find that you need extra jewelry such as earrings or necklaces that aren’t usually necessary.

Ensure that your hair is in tip top condition by taking time out to give it a deep conditioning treatment a few days before the big event.

One of the biggest challenges is keeping your ‘do’ looking amazing throughout the evening, especially if your locks tend to go frizzy, but there are solutions.

Firstly to apply a lot of product that will make your strands lie flatter, for example a deep conditioning treatment that washes out, or leaving some normal conditioner in after shampooing. On the evening you could also try using a hi-shine hairspray that will make your hairstyle look amazing as well as keeping it in place.

And don’t forget to smile and enjoy yourself!