Your feet deserve to be shown some appreciation so give it to them all year around. As women we all know that wearing fabulous boots and shoes can be a strain on our feet; especially in the winter months as we fight against the elements. Joan of Arctic Sorel Boots take the stress out of having to worry about protecting your feet during the winter so that you can wear sandals or go barefoot during the spring and summer months.

Our feet provide the balance in our life that deserves just as much special treatment in the winter as we give them in the summer. Just like we pamper our feet with pedicures in the spring and summer we should also get them in the winter. But don’t stop there.

We have to cover our feet up during the cold season but it does not mean that we can’t pamper them with wearing the right boots. A high fashion boot, the Joan of Arctic Sorel Boots protect your feet from the harsh cold, wind and snow so that after a fresh pedicure you don’t have to be embarrassed about showing your feet and toes when you go to the beach, pool or just want to show off your well cared for feet and toes on a hot summer day.

Here are the top 3 reasons that your feet will thank you for wearing Joan of Arctic Sorel Boots:

3. Foot Protection During Outdoor Winter Activities

Frost bitten toes become the least of your worries when skiing, snowboarding, and participating in all sorts of outdoor winter activities. With protection made for warmth and comfort, your feet are safe with from water, slush and snow which play a big part in the excitement and fun of most winter outdoor activities.
2. Thumbs Up for the Fashion Conscious Women

Let’s face it; these are not your ordinary old style snow boots that women used to wear. They are for the “snow bunny” in you that want high fashion and stylish snow boots that don’t have to be hidden under a snow suit. In fact with Sorel boots it’s just the opposite. You can happily tuck your snow pants or jeans into these boots because they compliment your outfit and you are happy to show them off.

1. No Extra Prep Time Needed to Show Off Your Feet During the Spring and Summer

When the spring is approaching there is a mad dash to the spa for women in dire need of a pedicure and a fresh coat of toe nail polish.