1) Make sure your online resale store is removing recalled products

  • While your retailer should be removing any questionable product, you also need to be aware of the latest product recalls. You can research these products at the US Product Safety Commission website*.

2) Only shop at resale stores that have contact information posted

  • Send an email to the retailer and verify that they will respond.

3) Read the return policy of your retailer

4) Know what sizes your child wears

  • While determining sizes online can be more difficult, the savings in cost can make it worthwhile (up to 75{141cc886f80ebf9609da4231ed549f5027e21bed13f47caa6e90ee5afcddb39d} off retail prices). Many brands have different standards for sizes. So have your child try on a few different brands of clothing at a retail store and write down the sizes that fit.

5) Shop regularly

  • A good resale store is constantly updating their inventory. Unlike traditional retail store, a resale store usually has only 1 of each item. If you are slow in your shopping you will end up with the leftovers. Find out when stores update their inventory.

6) Use shopping carts and take your time

  • Don’t worry about adding products to your online shopping carts. This is the advantage to shopping virtually. If you are interested in any product add it to your cart. Then when you are ready, look through your cart and remove anything you don’t want. This way you get to compare all of your favorites before you buy anything.

7) Signup for mailing lists

  • Most good online resale shops have mailing lists. While you might get a little more junk mail now and then, you will also find out when new inventory and deals arrive before everyone else.

8) Read the descriptions of all products and only buy item in good (or better) condition

  • Request a photo of any blemish in question.
  • Remember…quality of used clothing is subjective. Blemishes do not necessarily ruin an item.

9) Bookmark your favorite sites

  • Every web browser should have the ability to bookmark a site (or “Add to Favorites”). Bookmarks will help you browse many different sites quickly. For my list of top online children’s resale sites click here.

10) Buy more than 1 item at a time

  • The more items you buy at a store can reduce the percentage of your shipping costs. You can usually get 2-3 items in the same box. If you are going to pay $5 for shipping get all you can from it. After all, many resale items are only an extra $2-$3.

* http://www.cpsc.gov/info/resale/