Even thought underwear should not be seen, it is still a basic part of getting dressed each day and a must-wear for men. Many people think of women’s underwear as having a wide variety of options, without realizing that men’s underwear is catching up in variety of style, brands, and material.

1. Men’s Underwear Styles

Conventionally men’s underwear styles have been limited to briefs or boxers. More recently, however, men have many more options to choose from in the cut and style of their underwear, their personal preference, occasion, and their own body type. Men’s selections range from jockstraps, boxer briefs, low-rise wear, thongs, trunks, to more.

2. Men’s Underwear Brands

Another recent, and bigger, development in men’s underwear has been the increase and growth of underwear designers, leading to designer underwear. As this niche has continued to grow, designer underwear has become more affordable for all men.

• Calvin Klein (CK) Men’s Underwear

Since its founding, CK has been known for stylish and creative underwear designs. They are most widely recognized for their CK Briefs, Boxers, Trunks, and Thongs. For almost 25 years, Calvin Klein men’s underwear has offered comfort, style, quality, and support in their craftsmanship.

• Hanro Men’s Underwear

Hanro men’s underwear designs for men that are conscientious about their looks, who want to wear something that makes them feel good, and is also classic. Hanro is originally a Swiss company that set the standard for men’s underwear in the last 1880s. Their focus on boxers, briefs, and trucks has resulted in admiration from their customers as well as other industry experts. Their best known collections are the Montana Series Trunk in Iron Grey, The Madrid Nightwear Collection, and The Milano Brief.

• JM Men’s Underwear

Also known by “Jim Underwear”, JM offers styles in men’s underwear and men’s swimwear. JM strives to provide high-quality underwear that fits well and is comfortable. They use a distinct material made from a blend of cotton, micro-fiber, and bamboo, that people say feels like a second skin. Their boxers and bikinis offer a combination of ease and fitness with elegance and fashion.

• Hugo Boss Men’s Underwear

Hugo Boss has simple underwear, while offering stylish clothing. Consumers feel they can’t go wrong in choosing their boxers or briefs because they know what they will receive: a simple, yet stylish appearance. Hugo Boss is known for using nothing but the best, high-quality material, and therefore they are also known for their long-lasting product.

3. Men’s Underwear Materials

Cotton: Easiestly the most popular material in the world of men’s underwear because of its wash-ability and breath-ability. Occasionally small quantities of lycra or elastane are added to allow the underwear to have better movement and shape memory. A tightly woven, 100{141cc886f80ebf9609da4231ed549f5027e21bed13f47caa6e90ee5afcddb39d} Egyptian cotton is recommended.

Bamboo: One of the newest materials to be used in America, Bamboo fiber has the pros of cotton plus the addition of antibacterial properties.

Silk: A very luxurious and extravagant choice in material for men’s underwear, but in the end, not very practical. While very durable and comfortable, silk should be hand washed and air-dried.

Silver-embedded Cotton & Wool: Many turn to this material because they are looking for an antibacterial option in defense against their prolonged exposure to moist conditions.