Each one of you certainly wants to be at their very best. Well the vast spectrum of glitter world has given you the chance to prove yourself at each step. Today, it’s not only the glitterati fans that are making the most of this opportunity but ordinary ladies too have developed a profound liking for it. The good thing is that no matter how you feel or what you wear, if you are sporting glitter nails, you are definitely going to come across as sexy and savvy.

If applied with skill and precision, this glitter fantasy can actually multiply the elegance and grace in you. It has now become the first love of every single woman out there. While men have started feeling sorry for themselves, we girls are taking full pleasure of the glitter sphere. So girls, be ready to infuse yourself in this daily glamazon, as these glitter nails always succeed in getting your “nailgasm”.

Check out great ideas for Glitter Nails

• Girls who prefer classic, subdued and minimal style can still introduce glitter in their lives. One can sophistically introduce it by applying coral like feminine shades on the fingers and highlighting only the ring finger by glitter of similar color scheme.
• If you are among those upscale girls who happily live on gourmet chocolates and caviar, then this idea will suit you. Consider solid shades, and compose a burst of swank by putting beads of caviar size onto your nails.
• Sequins are considered to be the best embellishment for those ladies who truly take themselves as a diva. You can illustrate your independent and wild spirit by sporting a look with the shade of orange and splashing sequins on it, any way you like.
• Also, always using sequins to display your wild side is not important; one can go for it with subtle shades as well. Add sequence carefully at the edge on nail colors of transparent or nude shades. You are then set to merge the wild and graceful side together. Don’t forget to make it gorgeous with the help of top coat. This look goes well with brides who look absolutely stunning and do not even have to fidget much with it on their special day.
• Another chic idea is to get silver flecked paint with acrylic nails then glue as many pearls, sequins and rhinestones as possible. As this requires a number of heavy stuff on your delicate hands, make use of thick glue so that you avoid any kind of embarrassment if it comes out. This look is purely for queens and trendsetters who love competition and winning.
• Although many of you like to stay elegant, a vast majority of girls want to rule and rock the world. So girls who are bold enough can go ahead with shade of black with outrageous shimmer splurged diagonally on the tips. Totally a breath taking one.
• You can also flaunt white shimmer on your nails just like icicles and snowflakes. This look comes across as the most popular one. Being versatile hue, you can amplify it by any imaginable ensemble.

So all the pretty girls out there who cannot wait to flaunt their beautiful hands dipped in glitter, just go ahead with your instinct and style and leave everyone else in awe of you. Also it being a cheap nail polish, one can do wonders with it.