Determining the best nail products and nail tools to use to create your competition pink and white nails is an essential element to competing successfully in nail competitions.

Acrylic Nail Products

When choosing your acrylic products, look for qualities such as color consistency, clarity, workability, and set-up time.

Use a product that has a very bright white and a deeper pink powder for contrast. This contrast makes the nails more dramatic and will stand out among your competitors. Also, choose a product whose clear powder is crystal clear.

If this is your first competition, it is best to use an acrylic nail product with which you are familiar. However, if you are planning ahead and have enough time to practice prior to the competition, then trying a nail product that has a higher quality is suggested.

Here are a few tips on liquid and powder:

Use 2 dappen dishes for your pink and white acrylic powders. The white acrylic powder can make the liquid milky, causing color inconsistencies and possible point deductions on your score.

Also, try to avoid using blue liquid. This can sometimes cause color inconsistencies in your white. Use a clear liquid if possible.

Acrylic Nail Brush

Your acrylic brush should have a good point to create perfect smile lines and should be in great condition. Suggested brush size is 7 to 9. You can also use a smaller acrylic brush such as a size 5 or 6 for the cuticle area.

Nail Files

When choosing files, avoid using black nail files. Black particles from a new file can get into your product and create added stress.

Use cushion files that are either white or light gray in color. You should have several files that graduate from a course grit to a fine grit, then finish with a high shine nail buffer.

Before competition, it is a good idea to remove all sharp edges on your files. This will reduce the possibility of accidentally cutting your model’s cuticles during the competition.

Artificial Nail Tips

In most tip and overlay competitions, the artificial nail tips must either be clear or natural. White tips are not allowed. The best nail tips are those that are not too tapered, has a deep c-curve, and maintains a consistent curve from sidewall to sidewall.

You can check the degree of c-curve by cutting the tip and looking down the barrel.

Sculptured Nail Forms

The best nail form to use are those that fit your model’s nails properly and securely. Choose nail forms that have a sculpting grid to allow for length consistency from nail to nail. Since your model’s nail beds may not all be the same length, you may want to double check your length consistency when shaping the nail.

Also, choose a form that have tabs that lock together to ensure fit and holds the c-curve in place. Place the center piece of the nail form directly to the underside of the form for firmness and a deeper c-curve.

Red Nail Polish

Nail competitions require you to polish one hand with red cream polish. Why red nail polish? Because it is the most difficult color to polish.

The best red nail polish to use is a true red color. Try to avoid reds that are too orange or too blue. Also, use a red nail polish with a thicker viscosity for better coverage.

Make sure your polish application covers the entire tip, including sides and tip edges! Do not polish the underside.