There are many different brands of men’s jeans today all offering different styles and cuts. Some of the main brand contenders in men’s jeans are Diesel, G Star, and Evisu. Here we look at each individually and see how they compare to one and other.


Diesel is an Italian brand and their range of jeans is called Diesel Denim. Diesel spilt their men’s jeans up into three different categories including comfort, regular slim, and slim. Within each category you can choose the colour and style of your choice either black or blue and stonewash or dark and so on. The Diesel brand is renowned for its Italian designer flare, the fashion is mainly aimed at teenagers and young adults and so the styles of jeans are very funky and cool.

G Star

G Star jeans differ quite a lot to that of Diesel jeans in their style. Where Diesel jeans are faded, stonewash, and denim in look, G Star jeans have a different take on the material of denim they use. They describe some of their style of jeans to be made from Brooklyn denim, or Nippon denim, crushed denim and such. This type of denim is darker, thinner and sleeker. G Star has a very different look for jeans compared to most leading bands such as Levi or Wrangler, which works in its favour.


Evisu jeans are a Japanese brand founded by a man called Hidehiko Yamane. Yamane’s main intent was to create a style that were vintage and different to the modern style of mass production. On many of the Evisu jeans they place the seagull symbol on both the back jeans pockets. Evisu differ to Diesel and G Star jeans by the colourful and bright emblems and symbols that are present on many of the jeans styles, setting them aside.