As if chrome nail polish was already not too good to be true, it has now introduced itself with a classy mirror effect which has taken this kind of nail paint to a whole new level of perfection. Are you prepared for the mirror grace you would put your hands into? Trust me; the reflection of yourself on your hands was what the universe was waiting for. And if you happen to be a person who’s obsessed with mirrors then what are you waiting for?

Mirror manicure also called chrome nails, gives you such an incredibly amazing polished look that it has captured the hearts and minds of worldwide beauty Gurus. The shiny and stunning colors are so eye catching that it is being strongly fascinated by users of social media or the whole industry for that matter. A look that is worth a million dollar can be attained by using nail wraps of metallic type, Chrome nail polish or large amount of pigmented powder.

Some use metallic and glittery nail varnishes to achieve that fascinating reflective look instead of glittering pigment. Some go ahead with dark grey or lilac shades to get proper yet mysterious mirrored effect. So it totally depends on an individual what kind of reflection they want to chase, nevertheless it’s all going to have its unique beauty and charm. You are surely going to turn heads with this Color Changing Nail polish.

Here is a list of few great chromic nail pains that will brighten your day up.

• Julep metallic in Zelda is really a breath taking one! The color and its shine will stand out magnificently.
• Miracle gel by Sally Hansen in pretty game of chromes would also be a good choice to try out a unique experience.
• The metal morphosis by Nails Inc called easy chrome is the best choice for getting that sophisticatedly reflective and wonderful look. This deal gets you more than what you expect.
• The Night Fight by Nars Nail Paint is exactly what the name suggests. Enlighten your night stars by this unique, sparkling and tempting shade of mirror effect.
• Another great one is the Bang the Dream by the nail color of Smith and Cult. You can never go wrong with this one. Certainly the galaxies are our limit.
• Debohra Lippman nail shade by I’ll take Manhattan can get you a little overwhelmed by its shine and precision. Attain that classy look by this special one.
• Professional lacquer by Zoya in saint is a must try too! You can express both your lovable and quirky side with this one. The options however are endless, but it’s you who gets to decide which one is worthy of your time and attention.

Shine relentlessly, not only in your highlighters, eye shades or lip glosses but Shine bright like a diamond with this mirror finish look on your hands too! A great alternative to the hues of rainbow, this manicure is out of the world and can be as classy as you want it to be.