It is said that girls are hard to please, but nothing can be further away from reality. Girls are essentially very simple creatures who just want to be loved and respected. Showering your girl with affection should be a pleasure to you, but what if you are still single? Here are some of the ways to impress a girl and make your way into her heart.

Be yourself: This is the most important thing. You cannot impress anyone by being fake for sooner or later your mask will fall off. So, be true to yourself and do not change yourself drastically for everyone. Though yes, you can work on yourself for trying to improve oneself has never done anyone harm.

Pay attention to hygiene and dress to impress: Girls are usually stingy about hygiene. A guy whose nails are not dripping with dirt and smells good is much more attractive than an un-ungroomed man who has not cleaned himself for ages. Once you start cleaning yourself up, wear clothes that will flatter your personality. You don’t necessarily have to keep up with the fashion world, clothes that never lose their charm, fit well and look good on you should be preferred over mindlessly following any reigning fashion.

Be well mannered and polite: That is one of the qualities that is sure to make a girl think of you fondly. Men who still hold the door open for a girl, help her with her shopping bag and pull her chair for her to sit are a rarity nowadays. However, this is one of the qualities which is still valued a lot. Always be polite while talking to her and others. Treat everyone around you with respect and do not raise your voice even if you want to.

Make her feel like she is the only girl in the world: Pay her sincere compliments and notice the tiny things about her. Take care of her wants and needs, but do not compromise on your self-respect to make her feel happy. Always maintain your dignity and make her feel special in every way possible. Give her little gifts, surprise her sometimes or plan an outing with her. Talk about her, focus on her more and actually listen to what she talks about.

Spend some time on self-improvement: Exercise often, for that will give you a certain confidence and help you in building an attractive personality. Exercise also gives people a happier view of things and the happier you are, the more likely you are to impress the girl of your choice. Take control of your life and adopt an interesting habit. These things will boost your self-esteem. A confident personality is very attractive and can form a strong impression on your female counterpart.

Now that you have got the skills at hand, be ready to apply them and impress the girl of your dreams. However, if you have not met anyone in particular yet, then there are many dating apps and sites that will help you find life partner.