When it comes to silk ties, this is what every fashion conscious man needs to know about looking smart and staying smart. To achieve that, you will need to understand the basics of how to care for your silk ties, how by avoiding messy situations you will extend the life of your tie. I will also talk about how liquids are a silk ties biggest enemy, and finally how to care for your tie when it is not being worn. When you have read this report, you will feel confident enough to spend that little bit extra on luxury silk ties without the fear of damaging them.

The best way to care for your silk ties is to avoid getting them dirty in the first place. This might sound obvious, but how many of us check that our hands are perfectly clean before we would pick up a tie? It’s not all about dirt either, silk is quite a delicate material and should be treated as such. Never handle a silk tie if your finger nails are rough, or you have those sharp bits of skin around your nails. These will snag a tie very easily, and if it snags, it will be ruined.

Liquids are a silk ties biggest threat, you should never try to wash your tie in any way with water if you should spill something on it – if you do it will be ruined. Instead, you should take some clean cotton cloth and try to dab the stain out by applying pressure over the stain. Do not rub, as you could damage the fabric. If dabbing with a clean cloth doesn’t work, you can try sprinkling talcum powder on the stain and leaving it over night, this sometimes soaks up the stain. If in the end you do need liquid, take the same piece of cotton cloth, add some rubbing alcohol and try to dab the stain that way. This is a risky procedure, but by this stage you don’t have a lot to lose.

Even when you are not wearing your tie, you should still make sure it is well looked after. There is much you can do to extend the life a silk tie even when you are not wearing it. Firstly you should make sure you never leave the tie tied in a knot, as this will cause it to get wrinkles. Wrinkles will make your tie look old and ugly and will shorten its usable life span. Next you should always ensure that you hang a silk tie up properly in your closet. You can by a special hanger for ties that is not too expensive. If you are travelling, is is best to roll your ties and maybe protect them inside a sock.

Now that you understand the importance of looking after your silk ties properly, you should get many more years use out of each one. Provided that you avoid any unnecessary food spillages, make sure that you never use water to try to clean a stain, and follow the proper ‘caring for your tie’ guidance when they are not being worn, your silk ties should look good for as long as you still like the design on them.