Saltwater sandals were invented in the 1940s after the World War II by Hoy Shoe Company in St. Louis Missouri. It became the alternative footwear for men and women or even the children. The first pairs produced were made out of scrap materials from shoe productions just to cover up the shortage of footwear.

After seeing the needs and demands of many customers Hoy Shoe Company one of the most pioneering and distinctive manufacturer of saltwater sandals doubled the production of their footwear’s, meeting the demands and needs of the customers they began to grow and established name as the leading saltwater sandals manufacturer around the world.

As the years passed Hoy Shoe made a remarkable and trendy saltwater sandals and shoe fashion design made out of natural leather and accentuated with rust roof metal buckle. This design gives satisfaction and contentment to both parents and kids with lots of conventional and contemporary colors that ensure everyone’s pleasure.

Such sandals are now available and very popular among teens, kids and also toddlers. It became the fashion trend that perfectly fits anyone. The market loves the durability that goes along with fashionable designs. Some parents want the right and best footwear’s for their children that’s why they carefully choosing saltwater sandals.

For more than sixty years of services Hoy Shoe Company is still manufacturing and giving their best in enhancing and developing new ideas, styles, fashion design and comfort to their valued customers without sacrificing quality of works globally.

After the Hoy Shoe Company some other saltwater sandals company came out of their new and innovative designs and trends just like The New Shark 11 launched their newest design. It is made similar to a fisherman’s style, with durable and comfortable straps with extra added fabric to take away the sweat.

Not only kid’s sandals are in demand. There are also versions for women up in the market today. It comes out with its fashionable and adjustable interlocking straps that can adjust right through the feet and the brass buckles that match any kind of casual and everyday clothing. The colors and shapes are also in style.

There are many other brands that came out nowadays. One of them is the Havaianas Flip-Flops. This is the most popular that come in wide array of trendy patterns, designs, sizes and beautiful colors that suited for little boys, girls and even the adult ones.

Another one is the Lands’ End Kids’ Solid Action Sandals. It advances for kid’s footwear because of its flexible and specially crafted sandals with anti-microbial finishes. This prevents bad odor causing bacterial infections and excessive sweating of foot. It can be worn in all kinds of weather and occasions that kids will surely enjoy using it.

Crocs Kids’ Minnie Janes are fanciful sandals for fun-loving kids and adults with its comfortable yet stylish and funky features. Wearing these sandals will bring out the unique personality and fashion style best for summertime.

Sketchers Kids Shutterbugs are lightweight and comes in varied designs. It is best and ideal for beaches and swimming pools. It is made out of purely water resistant materials and will easily roll off to leave foot out of any harm or bad odor. It can be worn indoor, outdoor, in the water, seaside, at the mall, anytime anywhere.

The Play ‘N’ Wash Kids’ Beach sandals are best for toddlers with durable and easy to wash materials. The Ragg Kids Winnie sandals are fashionable with flip-flops style and can be paired in any kind of kid’s summer clothing. It is also available in five radiant and fanciful colors.