Many girls focus solely on finding the one-of-a-kind dress, the perfect shoes to complement it, and even the perfect guy to go with. However, the little things do mean so much. Even the most beautiful, upscale dress can look absolutely dreadful when you’re sporting a bed head! You have spent so much time on your makeup and so much money on your dress and jewelry, don’t forget your hair. No matter what sort of hair you have, you’ll find a prom hairstyle that works for you! If you plan your hairstyle with a salon stylist before the day of the prom, you can rest assured knowing that your hair will be taken care of.

A walk through history is a superb way to locate great hairstyles. The care free and trendy style of modern short hairstyles comes from the bob style introduced in the 1920s. Alternatively, kick it up a notch. The fantastic and classic looks of the 1930 movie stars would make an excellent and unique prom hairstyle. By combining the look of a dress with a lower hem with hair styled in waves close to the face, you will create an elongated look overall. In order to use this style, your hair has to be at least chin length and parted on the side. If you have long hair, you can still use this hairstyle by doing a French braid at the level of your hairline with a side part; then curl the braids up into a low chignon. To create the waves, you’ll need to start with damp hair coated in jojoba-based “hot sauce” to protect the hair, then coax the waves into form using the diffuser of an FHI heat blow dryer and a small-barrel curling iron.

Maybe you’ve decided you want to be creative with a short, distinctive style. One option is twisting small sections, then bobby pinning it in place, or you could go a step further and spike it out. For slightly longer hair, you can try twisting it into miniature buns and spiking the ends for a truly unique look. A naturally wavy look can complement most face shapes and is rather easy to produce – wash with an intensive conditioner, blow dry it while using a diffuser, then work in a sculpting or styling paste to provide waves and volume. One product that makes this look a snap to finish is Redken’s Quick Dry Instant Finish. Leave a few hairs around your face, or pull your bangs off your forehead, or you might want to use a styling product to slick down your bangs. Short hair offers many styling options, including the retro pageboy style that is very popular right now, or even darkening and bleaching different sections for a wild look. A slightly lopsided bob cut is rather hot right now, and the super short Twiggy hair style has become popular for the prom this year, with several stars already sporting the look. Even mullets have made their way back into popular hairstyles, accentuated with asymmetrical cuts. Short hair is in vogue right now, along with natural-looking highlights and rich hair colors like copper or chocolate browns. If you want something different and want longer hair, you might use Unique VIP hair extensions that are actually made from human hair. Celebrities, like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson, use extensions on a regular basis and look great in them!

If you want a medium-length hairstyle, the low chignon works perfect for any type of hair and has a looks fantastic. You can find these formal hairstyles at red carpet events, weddings, and in movies. To accomplish this look, you have to gather your hair into a low ponytail. For an even more alluring look, have the ponytail tied slightly off center, just below your ear. Now, take your the ponytail and wrap it in a circle around itself and secure the style with your favorite brand of bobby pins. Don’t be afraid to let a few tendrils of hair hang loose, as a bit of messiness can make it look even better. A shine enhancing hairspray will provide the finishing touches for this look, as well as provide adequate hold. Many girls count on a professional for this, which is probably a wise idea. This timeless fashion has been worn by both Katherine Heigl and Jessica Simpson. Flowers, braids, and clips are some options that can be added to a medium length hairstyle for an extra special look. If you absolutely love long hair styles, but your hair hasn’t grown out enough, you could try getting extensions.

The decision can be even tougher if you have long hair because there are so many choices. Two popular styles right now are soft, natural looking waves for long hair left down, and curly updos. Some of the most popular celebrity hair styles include those of Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, Nicole Kidman, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson. Curls that are soft and sensual will look fabulous in updos or hair that is down. You can choose to tease out your hair to a tremendous height and volume for a rock star look. Go with a braid or a classy chignon. Some really well known and gorgeous celebrities have used a straight and sleek look. If you want a big change on prom night, you can change the length of your hair or get highlights.

Here are some tips about prom hairstyles: Number one, don’t wait until the last minute! Salon appoints are quickly booked during prom season. You don’t want to end up with an emergency on the day of the prom as you try to twist, spray, blow and curl your own hair, only to wind up with a big mess! If you don’t plan ahead, you may not be able to get a stylist to help, so make sure to contact your favorite hairdresser and discuss different ideas ahead of time. Do your homework. Keep an eye on celebrity hair styles, watch for styles that will work with your look, and try them out for yourself using an online virtual hairstyling application. Remember to clip magazine photos of styles you’d like to try, which will help the stylist get an idea of exactly what you want done, no matter what you would like to have done to your hair.