Proms are events in life which turn into memories. The ambiance, music and excitement only increases with each hour. This is a perfect makeover time as people all this while have seen you with pig tails and pony tails. This again serves as an opportunity for you to learn about make up, style creation and a lot about hair styles. Firstly get a good hair cut. For novices it is important to know that hair cut is much about face length and dimension of your facial features. The size of your ears and the neck length needs to be taken into consideration before a hair cut.

For girls with long hair a new try-out would be to shorten the length artificially. Wash, dry hair and comb it well to smoothen the knots. Use good quality curlers and curl it almost till your crown. Pigi wrap method of rolling would be the best to get maximum curls. Another idea is also to use small sections of hair. Curled hair creates a lot of volume and if your hair is originally thin then you could leave it open with a glittering side pin.. For thick hair, it is good to tie a high pony and using hair accessories to match with your main outfit. If you have a broad face then a high pony without earrings will elongate your neck and highlight your jaw line.

There are formal prom hairstyles which can change the look of your face. If you have medium length wavy hair it would be a good idea to add more waves at the ends and have an open hair look. The waves can fall over the shoulders. You could keep arranging your hair with your hands to bounce it up as and when you feel so. Make sure to get your hair style in place when you pose for a photograph. One must remember that updo hairstyles can give you a weighty feeling and hence it would be good to try out the hairstyle earlier to see if the same is manageable.

Prom hairstyles can be explored with hair colours. Chic cuts never go out of fashion and if you have a curly bob you could use some glitter and spray the hair to keep it in place. Learning the right way to blow dry your hair is necessary. Using the right amount of conditioner and the perfect shampoo is the primary necessity before trying new hairstyles. Hairstyles in waves, curls, poker straight hair or shaggy ones go well with prom gowns.