No matter what your background, as a parent you want to give your child the best. That applies whether we are talking about education, food and shelter, opportunities for growth and advancement, or providing a pleasant and wholesome environment in which to grow.

It is no different with clothing for your children. You want your children to look the best they can – to have the best possible clothes you can provide. But as every parent knows, providing clothing for your children can be expensive.

Not only do they quickly outgrow their clothing, but most children are very hard on their clothes. Most children think nothing of rolling in the mud with their friends, and are completely unphased when they tear out the knees of their pants when they hit the ground running.

Multiply that by two or three if you have more than one child, and you have a major expense on your hands. Providing good looking, properly fitting clothes to a growing brood of children can put a strain on anyone’s wallet.

Yes, the challenge of providing nice clothes for your children is daunting, but there are ways to save money on children’s clothing. Here are some tips that should help.

First, put aside the constant barrage of promotion and advertising aimed at making us think we have to buy the latest fashions. If it is possible, try ignoring the fad of the moment, and consider what is most important in children’s clothing. That will help you in your quest to save money on clothes for your kids.

Second, it is really important to accept the fact that no matter how much you spend on clothing for your child, he or she won’t be able to wear those clothes for more than a year or two at the very most. There are several reasons for this. The most important is that children grow very quickly – often more quickly than most first time parents realize. So any clothes you buy today will probably be outgrown in less than a year or so.

Children also tend to get tired of their clothes in less time then adults do. This is especially the case as they get older and more aware of their appearance.

Remembering these two facts should encourage you to be less concerned with fads and fashion and more concerned with wearability. Of course fashion is important even for children. If they do not like the way they look in a piece of clothing, chances are they won’t wear it.

By the same token we’ve all seen children (especially boys) who latch on to a particular hat or jacket or pair of pants and are happy to wear them non-stop for months on end – hopefully with the occasional washing every now and then.

Some resourceful parents look for good used clothing for their children. Of course there are the traditional “hand-me-downs” that every second or third child is familiar with. But even if you only have one child there is a very good chance that other members of your family have recently-retired children’s clothes just waiting for someone else to make use of them.

Or you can take it to the next level and go looking for children’s clothing in second hand stores or in classified ads. Experienced second handers know you can find many fantastic deals this way.

The simple fact is that many well-off parents buy far too many clothes for their children. And because their children have closets full of outfits, many of these clothes are hardly ever worn.

That’s how children’s clothes that are just like new often end up on the used clothing racks of second hand stores and thrift shops. Many times these clothes are in near perfect condition. They are also usually of high quality and quite fashionable because the people who originally bought them usually buy more expensive brands.

Another thing you can do is take advantage of the almost limitless resources available on the internet. For example, there are websites that sell wholesale children’s clothing where you can purchase clothing from the previous season at significant discounts.

Often it is possible to buy in bulk from this kind of store and save even more. This is something you might consider doing with another parent – a friend or sibling – who has children of similar age to yours. This is a perfect way to save on items such as tee shirts, underwear and socks. But it also lets you mix and match different pieces to create several outfits instead of just one or two.

With a little bit of planning and resourceful shopping you should be able to find quality, fashionable clothing for your children while saving a significant amount of money.