The difference between Minx Nails and Trendy Nails Unlimited

Minx nails is a great product, and the pioneer of nail wraps. They truly have given nail innovation a new name with Minx coming up across the media in the US and lots of celebrity exposure. But truth be told we do live in a market economy where competition is respected and it was only a matter of time before a competitor to Minx Nails came up, and so one did. Meet Trendy Nails Unlimited, the biggest competitor to Minx Nails is here. There are lots of questions continually coming up about the difference between Minx Nails and competing products, especially the Trendy Nails Unlimited line, so below is a breakdown of some of the key differences:

Application Process
Minx Nails are a heat activated product that is applied after the nail is prepped and shrink wraps to fit the nail. It is applied with a heat lamp, after it is cut to fit the nail. Trendy Nails Unlimited are also a heat activated product, but the difference is that they can be applied with either a heat lamp or a hair dryers, this helps remove expensive start up costs as most salons already have a hair dryer. They also are designed to work in conjunction with an acrylic or gel overlay. This means that its harder for the design to come off, get caught on anything or peel off, they also last longer. This brings us to our next point:

Minx nails claim to last 2 weeks for fingers and 4 weeks for toes. But there are many reports of applications lasting only a few days. Trendy Nails Unlimited fingers last for 4-6 weeks thanks to the acrylic or gel overlay with toes lasting around 4 weeks.

Nail Wrap Cut
Minx Nails comes in a toe and a finger cut. This is fine for natural finger and toe nails but the problem with this is that the nail grows out and starts to look off very quickly. If you want to put a c-line cut into the design, you will have to do it manually. And if you don’t have super steady hands, you may lose consistency. Trendy Nails Unlimited (Metallic Nails in Australia) has a line for natural finger and toe nails, similar to Minx but also has a line called “Professional Cut”. This is designed with a c-line already cut into it, and works with artificial nails. The beauty of this design is that it doesn’t need to be cut by hand to be applied, and because it doesn’t run the whole way down to the bottom of the nail, it looks natural when the nail grows, meaning you can keep the same application on for longer.

Finally comes the overall look and design of the wrap. Minx Nails and Trendy Nails Unlimited look almost identical when completed. If you have used a gel or acrylic overlay on TNU you might see a slightly glossier finish, otherwise, both products look stunning. They both have an unachievable metallic (almost mirror like) finish, unattainable my traditional polishes and both have highly intricate designs that you can’t get even with an airbrush. Minx Nails and Trendy Nails unlimited both have over 100 designs to choose from, but many of the designs are different, so the final decision may come down to personal choice in the designs that they provide.

Both Minx Nails and Trendy Nails Unlimited give a stunning result, but there are some key differences as discussed above. But seeing how these are fashion products and style is king, the end decision may come down to the different designs they provide. Either way, both products are definitely worth checking out.