A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands enjoyed by both sexes. A manicure can treat just the hands, just the nails, or both. A standard manicure would usually include filing and shaping of the nails and the application of polish. French manicure is the latest and popular method in the nail fashion. A similar treatment performed on the feet is a pedicure. A manicurist can also apply treatments to real nails, such as painting pictures or designs on the nails or applying imitation jewels.

French Manicure:

1. Begin by removing any old nail polish with a cotton ball or pad.

2. Next, exfoliate your hands with either a salt or sugar scrub and then rinse thoroughly.

3. Apply a cuticle cream or drop of sweet almond oil to your cuticles. Leave on for a few minutes and then using an orange wooden stick, carefully push back cuticles until they are all even with each other.

4. The best way to shape nails is to keep them straight across the tips and round on the edges. Never file nails back and forth across the nail.

5. Next, apply a clear base coat over each of your nails and allow a few minutes to dry. A base coat will help strengthen nails.

6. Finally, apply a clear topcoat for shine and added protection to your french manicure.

French Pedicure:

1. First, remove any old nail polish from your toes with a nail polish remover.

2. Next, soak your feet in a tub of warm water. You can add a sweet almond oil to soften feet, if you’d like.

3. Use a cuticle cream or oil to gently push back cuticles.

4. Place a toe foam separator between toes and apply one base coat of clear nail polish.

5. Apply a translucent pink or nude nail color over the entire toenail. Allow to dry before apply a second coat.

6. Finally, apply a top coat to give your new french manicure shine and protection.

Manicure purpose:

1. Its main purpose is to keep hands, arms clean and in good condition.

2. It prevents long nail formation.

3. It discourages the wrinkles on the skin on the hand which is the first sin of ageing.

4. It prevents nail damage like fragile tips, splits.

Purpose of pedicure:

1. To keep the feet clean, fair and in good condition.

2. To make the skin soft and smooth.

3. It improves blood circulation, nourishes the skin of leg and the foot muscles.

4. To keep the toe nails clean, well shaped and shiny.