The Spread Is Your Bible:

Whether or you think a given team will win or lose has little importance when it comes to betting on sports. The main factor in your betting decisions should always be the points spread! A given team may go undefeated in a single season and still only cover the spread a handful of times. Lets say for example the New England Patriots are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. If the patriots are favored by 10 points and you think they are going to win the game in more of a nail biter fashion you need to be betting on the Steelers.

Place All Bets Before Alcohol Consumption:

I think this tip is a no brainer really. Sure I like to enjoy a couple of cold ones while I’m watching a sporting even. There is nothing wrong with that. It will severely alter your betting decisions though. So you need to be sure to get all your bets in beforehand. Then put the cash or credit card away. It amazes me the number of people that continuously make silly wagers during the course of a game simply because they are drunk. Then they wonder what happened to their money the next day!

Don’t Be Biased:

Think of gambling on sports as your own personal business. If you are a diehard Steelers fan, but think they aren’t going to cover the spread you should know it’s bad business to put your hard earned money on them! Ultimately you want your favorite teams to win every game, but betting for or against them has no bearing on the outcome of those games. It will certainly effect your pockets though.

Prop Bets Are For Suckers:

In my opinion all prop bets are unprofitable in the long run. Why would you make a bet that John Doe will gain 300 yards in the first half of a game etc. when you can put that extra cash to better use? Place more money on the spread, or on another game that day. There are far too many variables beyond your control which ultimately make the prop bet a sucker play.