Since the first time she graced the screen in your living room as Rachel, Jennifer Aniston has been creating a name for herself in the fashion and hair fashion worlds. She’s always been at the forefront of style and taste. Amazingly, she has always graced the covers of magazines without ever being distasteful or inappropriate. That’s what makes America’s sweetheart everyone’s favorite. When girls think of looking their best for a special occasion, they ask for one of the Jennifer Aniston formal hairstyles.

Girls from kindergarten to grandmothers can be stylish without being excessive with one of her famous coifs. With just a hint of blonde highlights, Jennifer has a classic beauty. One of the great things about getting your hair styled like Jennifer’s is that you are sure to turn heads everywhere and always be in style. While most styles change over night, these hair cuts will keep you on top of fashion charts.

Her hair color has remained fairly constant; she’s not one to splash on every color under the rainbow. She likes to be natural and is rarely seen with heavily styled hair. You can wash and always look like a million bucks. Minimum upkeep, minimum styling product-these are traits of a Jennifer Aniston do.

You’ll look great at weddings, proms, formal dinners and anywhere out on the town with one of Jennifer Aniston’s formal hair. You can throw on jeans and a sweater and be out the door in no time with these low maintenance cuts. Her more recent cuts have seen longer layers and light ringlet curls cascading around her face. She always knows how to look feminine yet bold.

To stay looking youthful and fresh, the next time you get your hair styled; ask for a Jennifer Aniston from your stylist. It’s always best to have a photo available to show your stylist so he or she knows just what you want. After all, you can’t just say give me a Jennifer Aniston hair; she’s had so many memorable ones!