There was a time when prom shoes were very basic because the proms were not elaborate. The dances were almost invariably held in the high school gym. Teenagers wore formal clothing that they either had or their mothers sewed for the occasion. It was the first date that many of those teenagers ever went on. In later years, the proms got a little more formal, with parents buying nicer prom dresses for the girls and renting tuxes for the guys.

Now, prom is a sophisticated affair. Proms are often held in ballrooms of hotels. Prom dresses are an investment that cost in the hundreds of dollars. Prom shoes can be expensive designer shoes, if the teenagers have their way. Yet, parents can find great prom shoes for their sons and daughters without breaking the bank.

To find great prom shoes, it is important to consider what else you are wearing. Short dresses are more popular than they have been in the past. When choosing prom shoes to go with a shorter dress, it is very important that they look elegant and feminine. Many girls will want to wear a very high heel to show how grown up they are. If you are a parent, it is best to discourage very high heeled shoes. A moderate-heeled shoe will work better as your daughter dances around the ballroom all night. At the same time, it will look better with the short dress she is wearing.

Long dresses are most definitely in as well. Many girls like the sumptuous feeling of wearing all that fine fabric. It is a new trend to go back to the old days of wearing full length gloves with these exquisite dresses. When a girl is dressed in such a formal manner, you would think that designer shoes would be a must. This is not true in the least. Certainly, you will want to get feminine-looking prom shoes.

You will want shoes that are well-made to stand up to a night spent on your feet. However, there are shoes that are not designer shoes that will fill the bill. Ballet flats are wonderfully comfortable for dancing. They come in a variety of colors and do not cost a fortune either. The best advice you can get is to wear the prom dress when you try on your prom shoes. Then, you will know how well they work.

Most of the guys will be wearing tuxedos, but there will be a few rowdy exceptions will dress in much more casual attire. Those who wear tuxedos may have the option of renting shoes along with their tux. Most men’s dress shoes for proms are black, whether shiny or not, or black and white. On the other hand, young men these days may want to wear some form of athletic shoes. These are controversial and offend some people, including possibly your date. Only wear them if you have a huge amount of confidence.

Young men and women both should be comfortable in their prom shoes. They should find shoes that go with their clothing and look well with their partners’ attire. For their parents’ sakes, they need to allow room for the idea that prom shoes do not have to be designer shoes to carry them through the night.