As we enter spring 2009, there are many new and wonderful things to take a look at. One of the most exciting things to do is to check out the great kids fashions that have popped up. Every wardrobe needs a little redo for spring and that includes your children’s wardrobe. The great kid fashions for spring 2009 are hot and easy to add to any child’s closet to have them looking their best as the warm weather approaches.

Girls’ Fashions

One of the hottest items for spring 2009 for the little girls in your house is balloon skirts. With the warm weather coming, a balloon skirt is a nice spring transitional piece before your children start wearing shorts this summer. The balloon skirt is a great kids fashion that can be worn anywhere. You can grab this hot style in solid colors or some of the great prints that are available for the spring season.

Another one of the hot fashions for little girls this spring is little sundresses with bright bold patterns on them. The idea is to be bright like the sun and the flowers that are all around them. A spring sundress can take your little girl from holiday parties to out shopping with mom. This simple look can also be carried over into the summer months. This makes the bright bold pattern sundresses a fashion must have for spring 2009.

Boys’ Fashions

Many parents do not think of boys’ fashions as having trends for the seasons but they do. Every season there is some hot new styles and some fashion must haves for the little men in your life. One of the fashion must-haves for spring 2009 is cargo pants and shorts. These versatile and stylish pants options will have your little one looking as cool as the big boys. The pockets are very trendy and come in handy for carrying around all of the little treasures that buys find.

T-shirts with funny sayings on them will be what all the well dressed little boys will be wearing on the playground this spring. From the character Ts to simple T-shirts with cute sayings on them, you will want to help your boys stay on the cool side with this fashion trend. Layer the T shirt with a checked button down top to give your children that added coolness as he walks out the door.

There are many hot kids fashions for spring 2009 to choose from when you are building your child’s wardrobe. There is no need to get overwhelmed by what is hot and what is not when it comes to children’s clothing. It is important to help keep your children’s style in mind as you purchase items for them to wear. Choose hot trendy items to pair with fashion staples like jeans to pull easy complete outfits together for your children for spring. With the simple addition to your child’s closet of these hot fashions, your children will be well on their way to being the coolest children on the block.