If you are new to beading then you will probably only need to search in Google for ideas for beading or free beading projects and you will find plenty of projects for you to try using many different techniques. If however you are experienced at beading then you will more than likely want to be creating your own designs using techniques you like the best, and also using beads you have in your own collection instead of always buying new.

There are beading designs everywhere! Ideas for beading are everywhere; you just need to be thinking about beading to spot them. I love spreading out a selection of coordinating beads then moving them around until an idea pops into my head, unfortunately it does not always happen that way. I sometimes have to resort to other means to find ideas for beading patterns.

My first call for inspiration will be the many beading books that I have; I will flick through the pages until something catches my eye. The problem with this is that you sometimes use too much of the design seen and your finished piece is not as unique or personal as you wanted. But still if you just look at the images and not read how it is done then you can create something similar but done in your own way using different techniques.

Searching the internet for jewelery also helps me find inspiration and ideas for beading and jewelery making but I am always wary of not unintentionally copying designs I have seen. The trick is to find elements from several pieces, then find a way of putting them together using your own selection of beads and finding to create a new and exiting piece that shows off the best of what you have seen in your own way.

Another great source of inspiration is fashion magazines; I like to look at the latest fashions and colors used in the fashions. This also makes me think about the style of the piece, i.e. if it is a necklace then the type of necklines on tops and dresses will help make my mind up regarding the length or shape of the design.

Unfortunately sometimes the fashion magazines do not reflect what people are really wearing so just taking a walk though a busy (or even not so busy shopping center will give me ideas for beading all sorts of items, not just jewelery.

Anyone who can just sit down and make a new unique piece of stylish jewelery without any trouble is very talented. Most of us need inspiration before we can begin to think about what is going to go where!