Hair extensions are one of many modern day fashion concepts to help you change the way you look. Adding length and volume to your existing hair can give you a real confidence boost. European hair is ONE of the best types of human hair, because of its light weight, strength, texture and high protein content which gives the hair longevity. Hair extensions are not available in all salons as they are considered a specialist profession, with some hair studios catering specifically for hair extensions only. There are many different grades of human hair that are used for hair extensions, and the quality can vary significantly. They all come in a wide range of lengths, colours, styles and textures.

You are not even required to have anything permanent, or semi-permanent with hair extensions. You can opt for clip in hair extensions, which are an instant fix for achieving long hair. Clip in hair extensions are temporary hair extensions that are applied to your hair using clips. Clip in hair extensions usually come in sets, such as a full head or half head. The great thing about clip in hair extensions is the fact that you can fit them yourself, and they literally only take a few minutes to apply or remove. Clip on hair extensions should be comfortable when wearing them, so if they are not, it may be that they need adjusting.
Before getting any type of hair extensions though, you need to ensure that your hair is in good all round condition. For example, if your hair is oily, it will not hold your hair extensions, especially if they are the glue in type. You could ensure that you condition only the ends of your hair which gives added moisture to the part of your hair with the least amount of moisture. A common misconception about oily hair is that it is caused by an oily scalp. The exact opposite is usually true. Some things that you subject your hair and scalp to, such as chemical treatments or different styling products may only add to your oil problem. When the detergent in shampoo is left on the skin or scalp, it has a drying effect which takes you back to the vicious cycle of your body over producing oil to replace the lost moisture.
Dry hair can be equally as bad. Dry hair can be brittle and will also stand out, in appearance, from the hair extensions you are getting applied. There are many causes of dry hair; The outside, environmental factors, what we eat, blow drying, dying our hair, and iron curlers among other things. Although less prominent than oily hair, dry hair can look lifeless and lack volume. Normal secretion allows for the “coating” of the follicle shaft with oil that enhances growth, protection and health. Split ends are often seen in dry hair and so is dandruff which is the result of dry scalp.
Another popular fashion accessory, as well as long, beautiful hair extensions, is acrylic nails. These two practices can go hand in hand in creating a new you and adding style. For the more ‘daring’ customers, there is a virtual plethora of designs to choose from, ranging from stars to teddy bears. Do not use regular household glues for attaching or repairing the nails. Use only products which are specified for nail use. Before actually getting artificial nails, you need to take certain precautions. You must make sure whether the person who is going to implement them, are well trained, experienced and knowledgeable. A full set of acrylic nails take approximately 1 or 2 hours to be applied, depending on the technician applying them and the system you are having.
Whatever fashion trend you decide on, whether it be hair extensions or acrylic nails, you can be sure it will make you feel great, and look great. So, why wait!