DKNY, also known as Donna Karan New York, is a fashion label that was started in 1985 by fashion designer Donna Karan in her New York studio, and was soon turned into one of the most sought after labels in the country. The reason for this could be that Donna Karan’s focus on fashion is that the clothes she designs are made for the body, in other words, they fit in a way that complements the body. So many designers forget the fact that clothing needs to do more than just hang off of us to cover our private parts in order to make us look and feel great.

It wasn’t long that DKNY began designing fashion accessories, like the purse and sunglasses. The DKNY purse became as popular as the clothing, and just as quickly, too. You will know a DKNY purse by the DKNY logo tag that hangs from it, usually off of the strap of the purse. You will also quickly recognize the high fashion look and the excellent quality of a DKNY purse.

DKNY purses come in all sorts of styles so that there is something for every woman’s tastes and styles. You can find a DKNY clutch style bag or a DKNY hobo style bag, or something in between, like a DKNY tote style purse. But you won’t likely find a DKNY purse for a cheap price. Depending on the size and style of the DKNY purse, you should expect to pay between $150 and $500 for your bag, and more for a few designer DKNY purses.

The price of DKNY purses is actually quite reasonable considering that the DKNY company was purchased by LVMN (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey) in 2001. If you love, or even like purses – no, scratch that – if you are a woman, then you know how much a Louis costs. Considering the same company is putting out both the Louis Vuitton and the DKNY purse, you would think that the DKNY would be much more expensive. So a few hundred is really not so expensive after all, although the entire DKNY line has always been known as an affordable high fashion line.

If you want to purchase a DKNY purse, you will probably have to seek out one of the DKNY stores in New York or London, or a Donna Karan Collection store. Or, you could shop online as DKNY has begun selling their fashion line online and allowing affiliate retailers to sell them, too. You might find your DKNY purse easier that way.