The bottom line about dance sneakers is that they must provide a mix of fashion and functionality to ensure that the best results are obtained. It is important to instill the idea in children that style should not be the be all and end all of their approach to life, but it is obvious that dancing must contain an element of fashion and creating a look. Whether the dance is by themselves or part of an ensemble, they will be judged on their overall look and how it all comes together and a pair of shoes may be comfortable and supportive but if they jar with the rest of the look or stage layout, they will draw attention away from the dancing. The idea of great dance sneakers is to blend in with the entire production so as not to take any greater degree of attention away from the actual dance routine.

Of course, given that dancers will be moving about a lot and potentially twisting and turning throughout their routine, it is very important that the shoes they wear are able to provide them with security and strength whilst doing so. It would be very easy to pick up an injury whilst moving if the dance sneakers worn do not offer enough grip or bounce and a lot of thinking has to go into making the correct decision on what to wear. Looking great is one thing but there are obviously many type of sneakers or shoes that would be unsuitable for many dance routines and this has to be remembered. It doesn’t matter how great anything looks if a dancer twists her ankle, that will be the issue that is remembered and if it is caused by poor quality or extravagant footwear, there will be a great deal of anxiety over the choice of the shoe. Convincing the dancer or dance troupe that the footwear needs to be a mix of both style and function may not be the most popular task at the start of the process but when it comes the time to get up and dance, providing footwear that gives dancers the confidence to get up and move safely will always be the right decision.

Thankfully, the modern range of dance sneakers is available in such a wide range of styles and fashions that they are able to meet any need or requirement that is placed upon them by the consumer. This should make the task of buying the right type of footwear easier and also means that an entire chorus line or dance troupe can be fitted out in matching shoes. If there needs to be a uniformity between all the dancers, being able to buy dance sneakers in bulk provides any cast manager with a great deal of assistance. Obviously, the size of shoes required will vary for each dancer involved but knowing that they will be able to wear comparable sneakers will help to foster the element of team-work and will look great to any member of the audience watching the routine.