Trimming your toenails can be very tricky especially if you do not want any hangnails or jagged edges bothering you in the end. Using a typical nail clipper may not be sufficient to get the job done, but don’t worry because there is a special nail clipper for toenails called the convex nail clipper. This type of nail clipper is made especially for trimming tough toenails and it is commonly made of metal with a nail file that you can use for smoothing out the rough edges after clipping your toenails.

The best type to use

The convex nail clipper is commonly in the form of a lever. However, some people use nail clippers in the form of a pliers-type, guillotine-type, and the scissor-type but end up with different results after clipping their toenails. Guillotines have a hole with sharpened edges on the head while pliers have two blades on separate handles. The guillotine nail clipper is used by inserting it over your nail and then it slices across with its inner sharp edge. On the other hand, pliers have handles hinged at the center so the blades can cut from both sides of your nail with one clip.

Scissor-type clippers may not be best for toenails because they are used like regular scissors and may require careful cutting in your part, so you may want to opt for the lever-type clippers that have a narrow opening and horizontal heads that fit over a nail. The lever-type ones are also convenient to use because they usually include nippers, files, and tips that are pointed so they can double as something you can use to get rid of dirt on the nail beds.

Use larger and sharper blades

A high quality convex nail clipper remains sharp even with frequent use. The cutting edges won’t also chip or bend and they stay hard, too. You can also opt to buy nail clippers with curved blades that won’t cut your skin.