The fashion industry has entered into bedding design with great enthusiasm and each year they still manage to come up with something new and fresh to surprise us with their sheer ingenuity. When I was a child, sheets were either candy striped or plain white and all comforters were red, green or blue quilted satin. I remember one time I had a sheet on my bed that was so worn that it had a little hole in it, so of course I had to put my toe in it and pull until there was a very satisfying ripping sound and the sheet’s long life came to an end!

My mother laughed and had to admit that it was time to get me some new bedding. That would never happen now and fashion dictates when we refurbish our bedrooms. I can’t say I’m sorry about that because I think it’s one of the little pleasures of life to have the lovely colors and designs that you can buy today and I find that every time I make over my bedroom I feel refreshed and re-energized. Comforters are a way to proclaim your personality, celebrate your hobbies, display your good taste and be a fashion trend-setter.

If you are a lover of beach life there are many different beach print comforters to bring the colors of the ocean right into your bedroom. You can buy comforters with scenes of undersea marine life, surfing themes and every type of shell pattern. Tommy Bahama has a wide range of beach print designs to fill our desire for a sun, sea and sand atmosphere in the bedroom. If you enjoy sailing why not choose a king size comforter which has all the colorful nautical message flags as its pattern?

If you are a lover of luxury in the bedroom the designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren have bedding that will cocoon you in the softest quality of cotton and keep you in the very forefront of contemporary fashion design. My favorites for this season are the All American Hilfiger collection which has rich deep blues and clear reds and his Blue Jean Denim luxury comforter sets are selling well. The Ralph Lauren Poet’s Society range has a gorgeous rich purple and deep pink paisley comforter design which I absolutely love.

You can buy your comforters and bedspreads separately or save money by buying coordinating comforter sets from names such as Martha Stewart. Her latest collection includes comforter ensembles in Ikebana which have a Japanese inspiration based on the art of flower arranging. The soft peach, white and green shades produce a feeling of serenity and would look very appealing in a light and airy bedroom.

There are plenty of places online where you can buy good quality discount comforter sets by named brands. These stores don’t have such high overheads as your local stores and can take advantage of bulk buying to offer you the best possible prices for your bedding.

If you’re one of the many people who’s crazy about the color lilac, you’ll love the retro Hollywood glamour of the Vintage Purple Satin queen comforter set. If you’re a real extrovert you can buy a lilac comforter queen set in a purple and black Zebra print! Or if you’re a ‘wild thing’ you can decorate your sofa bed with a daybed comforter set in a Leopard or Giraffe gold and brown print from the Serengeti range.

For people who suffer from allergies and asthma the good news is that all ranges use some form of acrylic or polyester filling in their down alternative comforters, which now easily outsell comforters filled with feather down.

And if you’ve recently upgraded to a bigger bed and had to ditch your king-size comforters, you’ll find that all of the designer brands and the discount stores have plenty of choice in California King comforters and bedspreads, including the very popular comforter bed in a bag sets.

Whatever your taste you can use your choice of Comfortes comforter to express your creativity and stamp your own personality on your home!