Mobiles have become useful and important for a cross section of people. Right from a businessman to the elderly who wish to keep in touch with their family and close ones, to the youngsters who are just beginning their college – the mobile has become important for everyone. In fact, the teenage market is a huge one for cell phone manufacturers, and there are several mobile plans and features that are specifically aimed towards this market. In spite of the wide variety of mobiles that are available for teenagers, cheap mobiles still make a good decision for them. Here are three reasons why teenagers should buy cell phones that are cheap.

Teenagers lead a Busy Life:

From home to school and school to college and so on and so forth, a teenager comes across at least five instances where they can lose their mobile phones. In the event that teenagers lose cell phones, there are good chances that they have to wait a long time before they buy a new one – the more expensive the mobile, the longer the time. Therefore, it is always suggested that teenagers buy cheap, basic cell phones, so that they would not be too affected if they lose it somewhere.

The World of Teenagers is all about Change

Today they want a phone that can send only texts, while then next day they want a phone that can do everything except sending texts. Right now the slider phone is the in thing and they want it, and the next month the clamshell phone is the path to achievable glory. Because of the changing trends and fashions, which the teenagers normally adhere to, they should buy cheap mobiles, so that they can keep shopping for newer technologies and features as and when they are launched.

Teenagers are on a Budget:

Come to think of it, the more expensive the phone the more features it has, and the more features it has, the more amount of money one would spend on the monthly bills. For example, if someone has a cell phone that supports GPRS, they get the chance to browse the Internet, which is a package in itself. The next step comes when one understands that they can download themes, games, ringtones etc on their mobile – which again costs money.

All said and done, at the end of the month the person would be flabbergasted at the total amount of money spent on themes, ringtones and games just because they were easily downloadable. To prevent such a situation, a teenager should buy a featureless mobile, which will not have the features that will goad them to spend money.