A Buzz Cut is an evergreen hairstyle for no matter how various new styles come and go, this hairstyle seems to stay in style. What makes it so is because this hairstyle offers men who take it get a more defined look. Besides, it makes men’s life a lot easier. So, choosing this haircut style is the perfect way to start off the cool stance and the efficient life.

Furthermore, Buzz Cut hairstyle offers you a nearly maintenance free as it lets you have your hair dry easily in a second after bath and frees you from a need of blow dryings, gels or hair sprays. It also allows you to save hundreds of dollars as you need less shampoo for cleaning it and no combs and brushes to tidy it. As the result, you need no worry about having bad hair days as you can always know what to expect.

Buzz Cut gets its name from the sound of the electric razor used to shear the hair. Other various names are used as well like skinhead in the England, crew-cut in Australia, or semi-kalbo in the Philippines. The name may remind you of a crew cut hairstyle which is very popular among armed forces. However, crew cut is different as it still allows more hair to be on the top than on the sides. While Buzz Cut, it all reaches very closely to the scalp.

Technically, Buzz Cut is the simplest and quickest haircut possible as it takes only a few seconds to cut if done with quality clippers. The availability of different grades and lengths of clipper blades or guards helps you do so effectively as well. The lengths of clipper blades generally range from #0 (bare blade), #1 (3 mm), #2 (6 mm), #3 (9 mm), #4 (12 mm), #5 (15 mm) up to #6 (19 mm). However, they vary depending on the brand of clippers and attachments you use.

Many famous figures or idols such as Robert Sylvester Kelly, Wentworth Miller, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Elijah Wood or else take Buzz Cut hairstyle even with a shorter cut to stand out their performance. So, if you expect to have a nice, great, clean cut look and want to obtain it easily, Buzz Cut is the choice. Just pick up any style of it; the fade, the vintage flat-top, or the simple humble buzz and be ready to be the center of people’s, especially females’ stare.