…That this is something they cannot change, at least not very much. The truth reveals itself – their feet will never, never, point like – well, like most dancers that you see in a professional ballet company.

Oh woe. And beyond woe. This is true heartbreak for the aspiring ballerina. Not only are young dancers chosen for professional ballet school training largely on their physical attributes (because most teachers sitting in on auditions do not necessarily know how to spot real talent, or the young auditionee in question just does not do a good audition that day), but let’s face it, high arches in the top curve of the foot are – Ballet Fashion.

This really, truly sucks. It is is SO not fair. But, there is always hope.

I still continue to see that choreographers as well as teachers are addicted to physique, in ballet. Too bad for them.

I am amazed that not one person in my personal circle of friends has a yearly subscription to a ballet company, even though I am dazzled at the sheer NUMBER of ballet companies in this country. There is definitely a growing job market.

Here’s the thing. If you have those lower arches that do not curve on top of your foot – there are 2 things you must do:

1. Get really strong in your feet so that you can do everything better than – everybody.

2. Find the exactly right fit and kind of pointe shoe that will support and show off your foot to its best advantage.

A place to start is with: Gambas, which are much softer than, say, Freeds. Try on every vamp height, and width that you can, in your local ballet store.

Try the Bloch Amelie which has a graded shank, for more subtle use of “going through the foot”, a slightly V-shaped vamp, and gently curved insole.

But try every pointe shoe that you can. Get the latest and best professional manuals on preparing for pointe work. Let ballet fashion accommodate YOU.

Reaching for the top is the nature of artists. A foot muscle or two may have to be worked on. Ballet class is your routine opportunity. Ballet and pointe shoes can present obstacles – or your path to fulfillment. Is it your sole or your ‘soul of art’ that will be ultimately judged? Do your best, and do not lose your inspiration to succeed.