Shoes are those items of footwear that may vary from simple flip flop to the complex boot whereas boot is a type of shoe that covers to the least ankles and foot as well as sometimes extends up to knee. There are number of shoes or boots available in the market today and it is possible for every individual in order to get access to them. A wide array of shoes or boots comes with different price range for diverse people such as men, women and children for various purposes.

Shoes may comprise high heels or low heels is considered as a footwear that one can wear for perhaps so many occasions using materials like leather or canvas. Shoes are of different kinds and are easily accessible for variety of purpose that includes:

  • Dress and casual shoes

These shoes are basically categorized by supple as well as smooth leather uppers, narrow sleek shaped and leather soles, since there are number of dress shoe designs that any gender can wear out. Majority of these shoes encompass an upper casing prepared from leather as well as enclosing much of lower foot. There are many shoes that are prepared upper high in order to cover ankles that are known as high-tops or high topped shoes.

  • Men’s shoes

There are assortments of men’s shoes available in the market today and first one is Balmorals which has slit of v-shaped to which shoe laces are usually attached and are also called as closed lacing. Bluchers is another type of men’s shoe where laces are mainly tied to two leather pieces independently simply attached to vamp.

  • Athletic shoes

Some of the types of athletic shoes for both men and woman are sneakers, running shoes, track shoes, golf shoes, bowling shoes, trekking shoes and walking shoes.

Boots are basically prepared for safety from the elements that are made of solitary closely-stitches design in order to prevent entry of mud, snow and water through certain gaps, which are left among laces and tongue in other kinds of boots.

Waterproof gumboots simply are prepared in diverse upper lengths and in intense cases, waders known as thigh-boots, worn out by anglers and ends at hip height of the person who is wearing it. These types of boots also be protected from warmth, thus many boots are commonly sold in the retail showrooms do not have feature of waterproof.

Other boot types are often sturdy and are specifically meant for the protection in industrial settings or wildness. Specialty boots are prepared in order to protect steel workers temporarily if they dig up in molten metal pools. There are inflatable, insulated boots available for the workers in order to protect them from chemical exposure.

Though, many work-boots are generally prepared from leather and previously they were typically shod with the hobnails as well as toe-plates, however now they come with thick sole of rubber along with the steel toecaps. Thus, shoes or boots are the most important elements that are basically adopted by people to wear with typical party dresses and have also migrated to the mainstream fashion.