A cabochon is usually a highly polished unfaceted gem, which is convex shaped and has a flat back for easier mounting. Some cabochons have flat faces, while others may have detailed surfaces. A cabochon may be produced in a variety of ways. They can be created from gemstones, from glass and even from shells. Glass cabochons are commonly used in making glass earrings as well as glass pendants. They can also be used to make bracelets, charms and necklaces. If it interests you to consider using glass in jewelry making, you can start by using cabochons. Making use of glass cabochons is one of the easiest ways to make accessories.

Glass cabochons have become among the most popular choices in jewelry making. It is a type of bead that features a smooth and polished bottom and has an elevated, polished surface which can be in any shape or style, the more common of which is the dome shaped bead. The surface of a cabochon can be faceted though normally their bases are just flat and polished.

The use of them in jewelry making has become popular. You can wrap them with a soft wire, glue them to the hook of a pendant or set them in metal clay. They can also be used to accentuate your clothing or in any other art projects that you may have. The most common shape of a cabochon is oval, where the top is rounded and has a flat back. A cabochon can be made from glass in many different ways, but the most common is using the lamp work method.

Cabochons are great for seed beads because they come in different colors. They are also great for set bezels. Their domed shaped tops give a unique, elegant appeal. They have a versatile design that works well in decorating bead boxes as well as other objects. Whatever form of jewelry or accessory you make, many different beautiful products will always result by using different types of cabochons. Each and every product will amaze you.

With a lot of different colors, along with numerous patterns of acrylic beads that are available, there are endless possibilities. Imprinting or embossing designs on an acrylic product is easier as you will not have to worry about damaging the bead. You can use cabochons to show off fantastic and rare designs. You can even imprint letters on them to make a personalized bracelet or any other personalized item. You can actually use this in making promotional products, and you can use the letters to create special words, phrases or names.

When you consider the reasons stated above, you will understand why their use is becoming more popular these days. You can look for a variety of cheap beads, including these cabochons, from any local bead store, or you can search the internet and check out different jewelry supply stores online to see what they have to offer. You will love the different beads available, which include cabochons, and will be inspired to start making your own jewelry.