Crystal glass nail files are probably the best kind of nail file you could find in the market, for now at least.

Originally, nail files were made using emery boards and metal. Emery boards have a sandpaper-like quality which has a rough surface. That rough surface is used to file, shape and supposedly smooth the nails. Metal files on the other hand are flat metals with etchings on one side. The etchings are used for filing the nail.

They are effective files. Unfortunately, these kinds of files are just too rough. Emery boards and Metal files are so rough that they sometimes cause damage to the nails. You may not see it clearly because the serrations are minute but if you look really close on your fingernails, the effect these materials have is far from making the edge of your nails smooth. Worse, if you have are using acrylic nails, they could get damaged as well with the use of the board and metal.

This is the reason why people opt to use something with a smoother but hard surface. Crystal glass nail files fit the requirements so well. These little tools are light, smooth and highly effective. They are even more effective in smoothing nails because it doesn’t depend on scratching the nails to make it smoother.

But that is not all the advantages crystal glass nail files have on other files. They are also easier to clean. Unlike metal or emery boards, grystal glass can be washed. Emery boards will dissolve when it gets wet while metals will rust. Crystal glass on the other hand will simply be cleaned and washed.

Unfortunately, crystal glass has one disadvantage, it’s fragile. If you drop it, chances are it could get chipped, something that would never happen to emery or metal. So if you plan on owning or using crystal glass nail files, make sure that you keep it safely where it won’t get scratched, chipped or broken.